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Earn An Advanced Degree - University of Phoenix
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Fashion Design Degree

Are you a trendsetter? Do you like to design? If so, you might be cutout for the alluring profession of Fashion Design. You can earn your degree in Fashion Design through distance learning. With an emphasis on convenience and comfort, online programs allow you to work from your home or office when you choose, where you choose. Perfect for working professionals or for those looking to balance job, life and career.

Most curricula balances training of traditional skills - such as sewing, schematics and computer-based design, pattern drafting and manufacturing, fabric printing, use of textiles - with the changing standards and trends of the fashion industry. To gain an
entry-level position within the fashion industry, students will create a portfolio showcasing their best work. Additionally, some students will opt to take study tours to fashion meccas including New York, Milan and Paris for a first hand look at the fashion industry at its best.

Online degree programs are equally demanding as the traditional classroom method of
learning. You'll "attend" classes via the internet and participate through online discussions. Most programs require that you log on at least five days out of the week and complete assignments within established deadlines. Experienced and respected faculty - most with real world experience - are available for online discussions and further support.

Fashion designers end up working either for specialty stores, high-fashion department stores, apparel manufacturers or on a self-employed basis. Designers typically design clothing, accessories or even costumes for individual clients or for the mass market and encompass men's, women's, and children's fashion. Although most try to design original garments, others follow established fashion trends, depending on the organization for which they work.

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